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intel core

Interesting Facts About Intel

The Beginning

Intel was founded by physicist Robert Noyce and chemist Gordon Moore in the year 1968. They had first met each other at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory where they worked and later joined hands to commence a Semiconductor company.


Intel was initially named “Moore Noyce.” It did not last very long as it was often misunderstood with, “more noise.” They had decided to change it to “NM Electronics.” A year after this name was implemented; it was replaced with the name “Intel” which stands for “Integrated Electronics.”


Intel Museum

Intel has its museum which houses various artifacts and intriguing facts about Intel. The museum started in the early 1980s and was opened to the public in 1992. Here, you will get to learn about new and exciting facts about the 40 years plus Semiconductor Company. This museum is at least visited by 8000 people per year.

Intel’s attire, bunny people and bird companions

Intel produces its silicon chips in a specially designated area called a clean room. Here, technicians are required to wear a special kind of “bunny suit” to enter the cleanrooms. The bunny suit is worn to prevent any human contamination in the cleanroom. The cleanroom is regarded to be at least 1000 times cleaner than a hospital. Technicians after leaving the clean room were guided and accompanied by the Intel’s Bird Companion, whose duty is to ensure no dust particles get accumulated on the bunny suits.

Intel watches

Intel had entered into the digital watch market in 1972 with the acquisition of Microma. However, in 1978, the prices of watches went down to $10. That was when Intel sold Microma and began concentrating on its core products.

4004 microprocessors

The first big achievement success of Intel came in 1971 after it launched 4004 microprocessors.  Fingernail-sized and offered the same computing power as a room-sized ENIAC. It had over 2300 transistors embedded in it. However, Intel’s current processors contain over a billion transistors.

First single board computer

Intel launched the world’s first single board computer called iSBC 80/10 in 1976.


8088 processors

Intel had introduced 8088 microprocessors in July 1979. These processors had 29000 transistors. In 1981, IBM launched its first ever personal computer which included this microprocessor.

Intel inside

The brand campaign, “Intel Inside” was launched in 1991 and significantly boosted the brand value of Intel enabling it to become one of the most popular brands ever to exist.


Intel’s first-year revenue was a mere $2672 when the company went public in 1971 through its launch of 4004 processors and raised around $6.8 million. Now, the company is valued at 54 billion dollars.

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