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Five Ways To Create Positive Energy In Your Home

Bring nature inside your home

Consider plants inside the house as they can help you relax and make you feel positive. It provides other health benefits as well. Multiple studies have confirmed that houseplants can help fight pollution, ward off allergies and colds and even enhance your cognitive and concentration function. Besides these benefits, plants inside your home add a nice touch of color to your living space by bringing it more life. There is no doubt that nature is better for our well-being rather than residing in concrete jungles. If we cannot bring ourselves to nature, then why not bring nature to us?


Keep your space clutter free




Try to keep your household chores on a regular basis no matter how daunting the task may be as it is imperative to identify that you cannot have a pleasant home with piles of clutter lying around every corner. This will open up some more space inside your home and alleviate clutter inside your mind as well. The state of our homes tells us a lot about the state of ourselves.


Unplug often


Today, we live in a constantly plugged in the world, and multiple studies reveal the negative impact it can have on our mental, physical and emotional health. Using electronic devices before bed can affect our sleep. So it is vital to take time to disconnect from the virtual world once in a while and reconnect with the real loved ones around you. Our homes should be spaces of unwinding where we can come back from a hectic day at work to unwind, relax, laugh, play and love each other instead of zoning out on our mobile phones. If you have problems disconnecting from the virtual world, try and allow time to use your phone, tablet, and computer after work and stick on to it. Upon doing so, you will notice your home has a positive impact, and you will feel more energized.


Make your home smell good



The sensation of smell has an impact on our mood. Consider aromatherapy as it is proven to provide relief from a variety of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, joint pain and everything in between. You can fill your home with pleasant aromas which will help you relax, emitted from lighting candles, incenses, and tart burners.


Remember to say thanks


Remember the hidden truth which is being grateful for everything you have been blessed with as it can help maintain a positive mindset. This will end up making the house feel positive. Staying positive and thankful for the little things in life even when life feels like a train wreck is one of the biggest things you can do to stay positive in an overwhelmingly negative world.

Affordable Ways Business Can Maximise Profits

Develop a better pricing strategy


A practical yet rather straightforward method is adjusting your price strategy which will favor a much more significant profit margin. However, it is not an easy task regarding that even the smallest changes in price can have drastic effects on the conversion rate. You will need to do the necessary research accordingly and consider every single variable which gets affected by a simple price change.

A prime example would be Starbucks. They had an astounding 11 percent increase in profits due to a one percent increase in the price of certain beverages. They achieved this by targeting the right customers, the right market, product differentiation, and compelling price communication. They raised the prices of certain drinks and in doing so took complete advantage of high consumer perception and demand for specific beverages.



Use self-storage creatively


Self-storage units are a perfect solution for storage problems as self-storage companies are considered to be affordable, flexible and can be customized to meet your demands. With the right furniture, it can be used as your primary office. Look for insured units from reputable self-storage companies as it will offer you peace of mind, mainly when using self-storage for valuable business assets.


Outsource smartly



Outsourcing is not a relatively new concept of the digital world. Since long-term employment is costly, outsourcing is sought after. Outsourcing helps the organization tap into a global pool of talent to mobilize the business. Getting a hold of an active, reliable and skilled professional with the right management will get your hands into an efficient team capable of maximizing your profits in the long run.




Digital marketing plays a vital role in maximizing your profit potential of the business. It involves several areas such as email marketing, SEO, social media and paid advertising that demand your attention. Through automation, you can set up a streamlined system which can accomplish your digital marketing goals in a phase-wise manner. Automation eases the load of maintaining your marketing process while giving you more time to focus on other aspects of the business. Well-Optimized automation can maximize efficiency and save time and ensure you are at the peak of your earning potential.



Increase productivity


The company’s success depends on the amount of dedication and effort submitted by every person of the organization. Employee productivity can be enhanced through motivation, organization and establishing a more efficient work environment. Ensure each team is clear on its priorities and keep it short. Assess and organize the tasks at hand according to their potential gains and urgency.  Besides, delegate smartly and consider the strong points of each member. Look for the best-qualified person for the job who can complete it fast and is reliable.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

Tend to include more citrus, broccoli, tomatoes, and other vitamin C rich foods as a part of your diet. Some of the underlying benefits of vitamin C are:-


Boosting your immune system


Consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin C in your diet is essential for the effective functioning of various parts of the body.  It also helps to ensure your immunity system is in good shape. Vitamin C contributes to and aids in immunity defense by supporting the different cellular functions of both aspects, the innate and adaptive immune system. However, researches backed up by scientific evidence do not encourage the consumption of vitamin C against common colds. Only certain groups such as marathon runners, soldiers or people training at the extreme temperatures of the Arctic may experience some benefit.




Protective effects during pregnancy


Pregnant women who smoke during carriage harm their unborn infants by increasing the risk percentage of encountering a premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, defects, low birth weight and an array of other problems. As of a recently published study, researchers concluded vitamin C supplementation could reduce the harmful impacts of nicotine. It can protect the lung health of the infants born to mothers who smoked during carriage. But overall, quitting the habit is emphasized that all other interventions.


Slows down age-related eye problems


eye problem


Vitamin C is known for its useful antioxidant properties. This can play an active role in improving the eye health in many ways by slowing down age-related macular degeneration that is a disease which leads to loss of vision. It also reduces the risk of cataracts. Although we cannot entirely prevent the chances of forming cataracts, we can delay their onset and keep them from worsening by consuming a diet rich in vitamin C. However, in research studies, the benefits in regard of vitamin C were present in dietary form and not in supplementary form.


Improves hair, nails, and skin


Fruits rich in vitamin C can be applied to the face in the form of a face mask to promote strength and growth. Vitamin C also possesses the capabilities of improving your energy and overall appearance as it plays a crucial role in the body through the absorption of iron. Experts in the field have confirmed that the nutrient is crucial to maintain collagen. Vitamin C helps keep the integrity of nails by fortifying and strengthening the skin, bones, connective tissues, and blood vessel walls.

Interesting Facts About Intel

The Beginning

Intel was founded by physicist Robert Noyce and chemist Gordon Moore in the year 1968. They had first met each other at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory where they worked and later joined hands to commence a Semiconductor company.


Intel was initially named “Moore Noyce.” It did not last very long as it was often misunderstood with, “more noise.” They had decided to change it to “NM Electronics.” A year after this name was implemented; it was replaced with the name “Intel” which stands for “Integrated Electronics.”


Intel Museum

Intel has its museum which houses various artifacts and intriguing facts about Intel. The museum started in the early 1980s and was opened to the public in 1992. Here, you will get to learn about new and exciting facts about the 40 years plus Semiconductor Company. This museum is at least visited by 8000 people per year.

Intel’s attire, bunny people and bird companions

Intel produces its silicon chips in a specially designated area called a clean room. Here, technicians are required to wear a special kind of “bunny suit” to enter the cleanrooms. The bunny suit is worn to prevent any human contamination in the cleanroom. The cleanroom is regarded to be at least 1000 times cleaner than a hospital. Technicians after leaving the clean room were guided and accompanied by the Intel’s Bird Companion, whose duty is to ensure no dust particles get accumulated on the bunny suits.

Intel watches

Intel had entered into the digital watch market in 1972 with the acquisition of Microma. However, in 1978, the prices of watches went down to $10. That was when Intel sold Microma and began concentrating on its core products.

4004 microprocessors

The first big achievement success of Intel came in 1971 after it launched 4004 microprocessors.  Fingernail-sized and offered the same computing power as a room-sized ENIAC. It had over 2300 transistors embedded in it. However, Intel’s current processors contain over a billion transistors.

First single board computer

Intel launched the world’s first single board computer called iSBC 80/10 in 1976.


8088 processors

Intel had introduced 8088 microprocessors in July 1979. These processors had 29000 transistors. In 1981, IBM launched its first ever personal computer which included this microprocessor.

Intel inside

The brand campaign, “Intel Inside” was launched in 1991 and significantly boosted the brand value of Intel enabling it to become one of the most popular brands ever to exist.


Intel’s first-year revenue was a mere $2672 when the company went public in 1971 through its launch of 4004 processors and raised around $6.8 million. Now, the company is valued at 54 billion dollars.

Hidden Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

 Many of us enjoy our tomatoes in some form or the other, whether it may be pureed, raw, roasted, soup, juice and more. This vegetable boasts a variety of benefits concerning health.


Benefits related to heart health


Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant called lycopene which give the vegetable its red color. Although it is not an essential nutrient to possess in the body, research has linked plenty of heart-related benefits from lycopene. Besides delaying and slowing down blood pressure, it helps reduce LDL levels or bad cholesterol. Studies suggest that high lycopene consumption decreased the risk of suffering a stroke and limit the severity of damage caused by heart attacks.


Protective against eye problems


As tomatoes are rich in antioxidants such as lycopene, lutein, and beta-carotene, they can preserve your eyesight by protecting against the risks of developing cataracts and age-related muscle degeneration. They can also significantly reduce the damage to vision caused by light. In addition to its list of benefits is the fact that tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, which is a crucial ingredient for better eye health. Deficiency of vitamin A can lead to significant damage to the retina and drying of the cornea. If left untreated, both effects can speed up the initial process of blindness.


Boosting good bacteria in the gut



Do not feel guilty the next time you indulge in a pizza or pasta as tomato sauce can improve the activity of probiotics in the stomach. In a comparison of raw and fried tomatoes was conducted to determine the impact of processing. The research indicated that serving food rich in probiotics with fried tomatoes enhance its probiotic effect.


Superfood for the diabetic diet


The ADA or American Diabetes Association has described tomatoes as a superfood to include in the daily dietary plan or schedule. No matter how you like your tomatoes, whether it being pureed, raw or in the form of a sauce, you are eating vital nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and potassium.



Lowered risk of prostate cancer


In over the years of study of the benefits of tomatoes, it has been concluded that there is a definite association between consumption of tomatoes and risk of prostate cancer. A study suggested that consuming over ten portions of tomatoes a week leads to a twenty percent lower likelihood of developing the said disease. Tomatoes play an essential role in the prevention of prostate cancer.